All Smiles Sorrento wedding venue highlights

All Smiles Sorrento wedding venue highlights

All Smiles Sorrento Wedding Photography highlights from the Summer of 2020

I’m fortunate that All Smiles Sorrento is one of my most popular wedding venues. What seems like a little kiosk on the outside opens up as a wonderfully friendly, relaxed and warm venue with a spectacular view. For couples that like the feel and look of All Smiles it makes it an easy decision to book their wedding here. There is nothing else quite like it. It is unique and one of the most popular wedding venues on the Mornington Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula wedding ceremony location at All Smiles Sorrento for beach wedding location
Ceremony with a view! The Ocean Beach, Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula

In the Summer of 2020 we saw the start of COVID restrictions and the impact on weddings. Fortunately some of my couples managed to still have their wedding days, although many had to postpone dates (sometimes multiple times).

All Smiles Sorrento wedding photos ceremony arbour floral ideas, Mornington Peninsula Wedding ceremony beach venue
Some couples choose to decorate the arbour and some choose not to.

Wedding ceremony styling at All Smiles Sorrento

After these weddings All Smiles Sorrento placed wooden bench seats in the ceremony area. However for these weddings early in 2020 some couples chose wooden seats and some chose white ones.

Kat Sillars Mornington Peninsula Celebrant

The wedding celebrant that I worked alongside the most in the summer of 2020 was the amazing Kat Sillars. A fun, experienced and local Mornington Peninsula celebrant that creates personal ceremonies and knows how to relax and relate to people on their most special day.

I always love a Mornington Peninsula wedding celebrant that stands mostly to the side when conducting their wedding ceremonies. Only coming close to the bride and groom during the vows and more serious parts and that’s exactly what Kat Sillars does. The day and ceremony is ALL about you. The way it always should be.

The views from the ceremony area at All Smiles Sorrento are spectacular regardless of the weather.

You can’t predict the weather on the Mornington Peninsula

Melbournes weather is always unpredictable, but All Smiles is always flexible with plans and options so it makes it a stress free day. There has only been once that one of my couples has had to have their wedding inside due to the weather, however they still managed to have half of their ceremony outside – we just moved inside when we needed to.

I bring large white golf umbrellas in my car for every wedding I photograph. I love to be prepared for anything!

Photo Booths at All Smiles Receptions

“First Look” photos before your All Smiles ceremony

I’m always happy to give my couples advice on whether a First Look would work out well on their wedding day. Considering their preferences and timing and also their thoughts and ideas for their day. Whilst it doesn’t suit every couple, it is a popular choice for All Smiles weddings and can create a more relaxed wedding day with more time with your guests and gives more flexibility with weather and light (especially good in winter weddings!).

I think it is super important to make it a special moment when my couples first see each other and I often have tears in my eyes as these moments are so emotional and beautiful.

Although some couples get ready together and some want to see each other down the end of the aisle. There is no “right way” just the right way for the couples.

Group photos at All Smiles Sorrento

Many celebrants ask wedding couples if they want a group shot after their ceremony. Every wedding photographer would ask their couples the same question.

I always discuss the positives and negatives of getting a group photo so that my couples are informed with the information to then decide what they would prefer for their wedding day.

All Smiles has the most amazing view of the Ocean Beach in Sorrento.  There are some steps that make a great viewpoint for a group photo like the image above.  Although now the wooden benches in the wedding ceremony area are on the lawn so the group photos now are slightly different.

The negative of having a group photo is that it stops the natural and relaxed flow at the end of the wedding ceremony.  It is best to take the group photo as soon as possible after the ceremony or guests start moving inside to grab a drink or go to the toilet!  

If couples prefer to spend more time with their guests and have time for congratulations and kisses and cuddles then a group photo may not be the best idea.  Especially if they want to get bridal party photos done on the beach and want to maximise their time.

There are a few things to consider about wedding group photos and best to discuss with your wedding photographer and then make sure that your celebrant knows your decision so that they can mention it to your guests towards the end of the ceremony.

Wedding cakes and reception inspiration at All Smiles

Wedding cakes, flowers, bonbonnieres, wishing wells and more. I love seeing all the details that couples plan for their wedding day. So much thought and planning is put into every day and so I capture all the little things so that nothing is forgotten in years to come.

The brilliant thing about All Smiles weddings is that you don’t need to style the room or do anything at all. It is a lovely Mornington Peninsula wedding venue and looks welcoming without needing extras. Although of course you can style and add your personal wedding style as you wish and choose.

Great location for beach wedding photos on the Mornington Peninsula!

With All Smiles right on the beach in a few steps you are on the sand at this Ocean beach. Such a great beach wedding venue. Relaxed, natural and fun photography with a spectacular beach landscape.

The cool bar atmosphere, open fire, endless views and friendly staff always ensure that its a fun and memorable wedding day. Known for its cocktail style weddings the food is plentiful and guests always happy. It’s always an absolute pleasure to photograph weddings at All Smiles Sorrento.

Many of my wedding couples had to postpone their wedding days due to the restrictions and unpredictability of COVID, however I was fortunate that I still had the pleasure of photographing some weddings early in 2020.

Every wedding at All Smiles in Sorrento is always an honour to photograph and so much fun.