Lyrebird Falls Wedding – COVID style!

Lyrebird Falls Wedding – COVID style!

Strict COVID restrictions for this Lyrebird Falls Wedding!

Restrictions didn’t allow for the big celebration that Natasha and Ashan had originally planned! They were so limited by numbers that they couldn’t even have their bridal party stand by their side as they got married. Only their parents and siblings could attend – all with masks on unless under my instruction – as that was the legal requirement on the date of their wedding.

The groom and his brother arrive in style

Due to the restrictions I didn’t take any getting ready photos.  I met the groom at the ceremony location – Lyrebird Falls.  Which is where I got married in 2001!!  Great venue!!

Everyone gets temperature checked – including the groom!

Lyrebird Falls doesn’t usually book wedding ceremonies without a reception – it’s usually full service and they do it extremely well. However they were very understanding to their couples with the restrictions and so they offered Natasha and Ashan to still have their ceremony on their original wedding day.

Everything was done according to the COVID safe plans, including having socially distanced chairs for their wedding ceremony.

Socially distanced ceremony in COVID times
No cuddles allowed so it was elbow taps of congratulations from their parents!

Just when you think that nothing else can go wrong on their wedding day we go to the bridge to take photos and it’s been smashed by a fallen tree! So of course we took some fun photos before going to the other bridge!

Where’s the bridge gone? lol!
Absolutely love how these guys have fun in any situation!

This was one of the strictest COVID weddings I have photographed. The restrictions were so strict with only 10 guests and 1 photographer allowed. No indoor photos – only outside. Always wearing masks unless they were under the photographers (my!) direction.

Mandatory masks for the bridal party

When you can’t change a situation you’re best to embrace it. We had a lot of fun and laughed so much with the restrictions and situation.

The main thing is that they got married. It may not have been the way they had planned, but we all had such a great time. It was so relaxed and we all enjoyed every second.

Anyone that knows me knows I can make a positive of any situation. The big positive for me was that we had longer to take photos as they didn’t have any guests waiting for them in the reception room!

The second bridge next to Lyrebird Falls
Such an awesome wedding dress
The second bridge next to Lyrebird Falls

I say to my couples “JUST BE YOURSELF, I WILL DO THE REST!” and watching and capturing Natasha and Ashan’s personalities was so entertaining! We got a great variety of photos…

This couple were hilarious!
Romantic kiss in the beautiful gardens of Lyrebird Falls
Fun with Rose Canons!

It was awesome that despite the restrictions they still became husband and wife, so we used Rose Canons and Champagne to celebrate!

Champagne shower!

Such a fun wedding day and fun couple!