Woodmans Estate, Mornington Peninsula

Woodmans Estate, Mornington Peninsula

Woodmans Estate an intimate wedding celebration at this charming Mornington Peninsula wedding venue

A complete contrast in weather to my last wedding was the super warm wedding day of Trish and Darren.

The bridal dress and bouquet
The grooms suit and buttonhole

The ceremony location was chosen next to the lake and willow tree.

A purple carpet was chosen to match with their wedding colours
Some florals on the side of their wedding arbour

After their ceremony guests were eager to get out of the heat of the sun, so I took a quick group photo and then most guests went in the shade while I took the family photos.

Their bridal party were their children so it was extra special to get some lovely family photos

There are so many stunning locations around Woodmans Estate. The charming building, bridges, beautiful lake and both bush and manicured gardens.

The driveway up to the main building on the Estate grounds is beautiful
Trying to keep away from the heat the shaded areas around the building were definitely used!

I always love the details of what couples have chosen for their wedding day…

A puzzle guest book
Bonbonnieres – some chocolates and stemless wine glasses

These wooden bride and groom pieces below have become very popular at weddings over the last few years!

For the table places for the bride and groom
The reception room has a charming, homely and traditional look

Woodmans Estate is ideal for small, intimate and relaxed Mornington Peninsula weddings.

Make Up by Simone from Pink Gloss who it is always a pleasure to work alongside!